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Creative Life Coaching, German or English Courses, Teacher Training

Creative Life Coaching
Language Training
Teacher Training

Life coaching for any individual who seeks to deepen their self-confidence, wants to manifest more of their potential, and/or undergoes transformational changes.

For the conversational, business or advanced learner of English or German, and for the language enthusiast of the 21st century.
Please choose your language of interest.
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If you’re interested in starting or expanding your teaching work to an online teaching environment, you would enjoy and benefit from my teacher training course. My course provides you with the necessary skill, knowledge and experience to start a very rewarding business. Proficiency level C1 in either English or German is required.

      Basic information relating to all language classes
        • Time: 45-55 minute session
        • Courses: 12 or 24 sessions per course, and year-long courses are available.
        • Levels: assessment interview with instructor
        • Location: from home, easy access via Skype
        • Format: one-on-one, or mini-groups up to 4 persons
        • Free: the Creative Language Learning offers a extensive interview plus a first thirty-minutes session free of charge
        • Skype: Skype training is included.

      Contact me today: eva@evaschuster.com
      Skype: evawie
      Phone: +49 (0) 221 4490 0567
      Phone: +1 413 422 0701