Eva Schuster

Creative Language Learning and Visual Artist


Then around February this year I made a decision that I really wanted to give painting a go, and develop as an artist. I have been painting on and off my whole life, but never had the time to seriously work on developing and finding my voice in painting.
So I started to take classes at the local art school here in the Berkshire, western Mass.
I started painting from pictures I took in Florida, then ventured into the outdoors, and then started abstract works (those you know 🙂 )

2017 Feb, tempera, Florida

2017 April, tempera, Florida

2017 April, tempera, Florida


2017 May, tempera, Florida, 4 studies


2017 April, drawing Florida

2017 June, charcoal, Stockbridge Park

2017 June, charcoal, imaginary after Van Gough

2017 July, tempera, Florida

2017 Aug, tempera, New England

2017 June, for the kids at the Waldorf School

2017 Oct, oil, venturing into oil, and animals, Akele the Elephant, 4ft by 5ft

2017 Oct, tempera, 12×18 Garden,

2017 Sept, tempera, 12×18 Garden,