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Colors :: others from the class, Jane comments

Eva Schuster <evaschus@gmail.com> Sat, Nov 18, 2017 at 11:41 AM
To: Eva Schuster <evaschus@gmail.com>
Jane to me: Wow! Thanks for this. Interesting journey you’ve had, and awesome paintings. Your most recent ones are more sophisticated than the process paintings, though those have their own charm. I think process painting IS therapy, and it does not require you to SEE in the same way that regular painting, especially abstract painting, does. Keep doing what you are doing. Take classes and workshops, paint as often as you can, regularly.
Jane about lesson 5: Some principals may apply more of the time: for example complementary colors are likely to contrast highly. But when we get into more subtle relationships and specific pigments, you really have to rely on your eye and teach each pieces as an individual.
Jane: Great that you tested each of your colors against FOUR other colors. Josef Albers app
Lesson #5 pretty but 4 colors!!
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