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Colors :: Value, Saturation, Hue, Influences Lesson #2

Eva, lesson 2

I bought acrylics in the meantime, because my oils just took too long. Interesting now to learn the new medium with the lessons.

Some practices with tinting with water versus adding white

Monochroms: mars black, phthalo green, ultramarine blue

Here you can see some sloppiness with the greens, mars black, phthalo green, ultramarine blue

Adding some more exercises with 5 different values in Mars blk, phthalo blue, chinacridon magenta

Stripes, below are stripes with gray scales, but there are more below with 5 clearly distinctive values, these are not varied as indicated in lesson


New start on lesson #2 (these were to late to be commented on by Jane.)

new monochromes – I really like monochromes, never knew that.

new stripes – use 5 different values



Made some interesting discoveries on the way:
I often like the gray scales better than the regular painting. Also I like values that are close together. More than dramatic contrasts.

About the role of value: sames values create unity, it seems. Even though the hues are different you still ‘feel’ you’re on the same plane. The contrast, or a different value, seems a different plane.

What values tell me: what is coming forward, and what is moving back in the painting. Depending on the combination darks seem to push themselves forward, lights seem to be in the background. But when combined the experience of space can switch. But I often can’t judge the reds, especially when they are fully saturated. When surrounded by dark values, reds come forward, and the darks move back, but in gray scale the darks come forward.

Gray scale helps me to see planes in a painting.



  1. Hmmm… in the first project, we are diluting the acrylic paint with medium, not with water. Water has a different effect on paint. the monochrome collage: read the lesson again. Ditto the stripes.


  2. Hi Jane, Acrylics are new to me. What is ‘medium’? Which one shall I buy? Thx.


  3. You can download the supply list from my website, where you signed up. Matte medium or glazing medium.