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Colors :: Value, Saturation, Hue, Influences Lesson #4

Eva, lesson 4

Here are the first 4 experiments:
Cad orange, Quina Magenta, Phthalo and Aqua bright
Ocker and Cad Yel med and white
The bigger shapes are all collage, but not the dots

I liked trying to mix the appropriate color for the overlaps, then cutting out shapes, gluing them in. I never do collages, so this was a new experience for me. I liked the solidity of the painted, mixed color that gives the illusion of transparency.  With the chinacridon magenta on cad orange that was very hard and didn’t really work – I think.

Here the orange box overlaps nicely with the aqua, phthalo blue and even the magenta.
The white dotted line was just added to make the whole picture a bit more dynamic.

the overlap on the upper right side is painted , the four others are all collage.
I liked change the color of the dots on the big blue circle in the middle. I tried to do more of those.

the collage parts make a very solid color, sometimes that could be a nice effect for example a landscape with parts of a tree or branch collaged in instead of painted. Have to try that.

More are coming.
I’m starting to get into trying to mix color what the hue is the same but the saturation is really different. Just trying to experiment more with this concept.

I’m noticing that I’m missing a sample with the colors very close to each other on the color wheel. Will try a few of those.


  1. You have to SAY something about your work, something about your experience beyond just labeling the images. See Blog Rules.


  2. Dear Jane, I just wanted to say something: I’m sorry I’ve been quite casual about doing the exercises, and it’s been all been a bit haphazard. – Since I teach on Skype, my professional life is very regulated and I use my intellect all the time, so painting for me is a way out of that, and I’ve not been precise and attentive to the instructions. I come from process painting, where one tries to sidestep the mind completely. But I want to get used to analyzing my work and use my head as well. And one more thing: I had a lot of work lately, with a visiting student for an English intensive. – I know students like myself, usually I’m on the receiving end, and it is a bit frustrating. But nevertheless, I will learn. I added some text to the post above, and will add a few more pictures in a new post though.
    I hope that explains the situation a bit, and thank you so much for everything so far. 🙂 eva


  3. Wow! THese are really great, regarding the exercise, and FUN! Thanks for the above. This IS a much more academic or analytical class than my other ones, but they all have pretty precise instructions. If you want to do the exercises in your own way and just post without comment, that is totally fine. But I don’t do feedback unless you say something about the work; we’re not making “art” here, but doing explorations to practice particular concepts. So, unless I know something about what you see (e.g. do these overlap colors create the illusion of transparency for YOU?) or which apsects you found challenging, I can’t say anything worthwhile. You can post and just say “no comment necessary”, or whatever you want. People take online classes for all different reasons, and experience them in different ways. It is completely up to you, no judgement on that.

  4. Thanks Jane. It’s actually a good practice to become more clear of my intentions. And to learn how to evaluate my work, and make changes. Never learned that. So I’ll be adding text, and when I have some stuff I just want to upload for fun, I won’t add any description.


Eva, lesson 4, part 2

When I looked at my work for lesson 4 I felt I wanted try some color that would be very close to another.
Here are three experiments.
The pink circular shapes are the new additional color.

#1 here I added 3 pink half circles. 2 are sitting on top of the magenta shape, and even the magenta/green shape. Only the small circle on the right has its original color.
The two circles in the left are collage, only the right one is painted.

#2 Here I added on half circle, sitting on bright red and magenta, those overlaps are collage. I’m still having trouble with the transparence when working with red and orange.

#3 2 pink circles. The top one overlapping magenta and magenta/green.
The bottom one overlapping green and blue. Not much transparency, I think I lost steam at this point. 🙂


  1. I love what you did with these. Very inspiring!