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Colors :: Value, Saturation, Hue, Influences Lesson #3

Eva, Lesson 3

neutralizing with same value gray: Cad Red Deep

left: Cad yel med, right: Cad red deep

left: Phthalo grn, right: Bright Aqua grn

Neutralizing with neutral gray, burnt umber+white

Muted colors with complimentaries

This was a great project for finding more greens. I often paint trees and landscapes, and I found so many more greens I had been looking for at time.

Project 4 still in the works

Works from project 4
These were tiny tests

Same values, and then starting to add contrast by stronger value

one primary color

one primary colorĀ  and value contrasts

making it simpler again to see the effect

making it simpler again to see the effect

playing with different forms, primary and value contrasts

seeing with and without primary color next to each other

was fun to do this, but not sure whether I did it right. Maybe I have already too much value contrasts in the ‘bland’ one?


  1. Can you say anything more specific about your gradations? You did a great job.


  2. yes, I picked three colors: Quina Magenta, Phthaolo Blue, Bright Aqua. So my contrasting primary would be an orange.
    I muted/desaturated with white, and white with a bit of raw umber. I didn’t desaturate with the complementary colors. I had never used umber to change the saturation, so I want to do more of that.
    The muted and less muted colors created more interest than I had expected. Usually I create contrast with hues or values, less with saturation itself. It’s more subtle I think.


  3. OK, thanks. I think you misunderstood the collage-painting exercise. Read it again, and let me know what is not clear about it. ALso read my comments on previous posts.

  4. When I originally commented on this, I saw only the gradations, not the collage paintings. DId you add those later or did I miss them? If you are going to add to the blog, do it in a new post, otherwise it won’t show up in my e-mail box. All new posts and comments come to my e-mail box, but edits and updates do not.


  5. OK, I didn’t know that. Yes I will do that.