Eva Schuster

Creative Language Learning and Visual Artist

Mark Making 1

These first two are my default lines. When I don’t think about anything, I make these vertical wavy lines, the second image are fast drawn the default lines. Also ‘filling up the page’ seems to happen on automatic. Curious that.



Project 1:
It took some time to ‘risk’ leaving white space. Also I had to really pay attention to make discret marks, not just repeat the same movement unconsciously.








Project #2, first series
First I used only oil pastels, later I used graphite and in the last one I added a ball pen.

I started to retrace the lines, making them stronger, and more colorful. They felt more intentional and and more satisfying.



Project #2, second series, I wanted to pay attention to making the elements very distinct, and purposeful, leaving a lot breathing room as well. By now leaving breathing room felt more natural.





I found it interesting how much I had to pay attention. A viewer might think these drawing lack any intention or focus. But that’s not the case. I experimented with doing drawings just haphazardly, and I was amazed how boring they felt. Nothing tickling my curiosity.
Some drawings seem to contain meaning now, even though they are open ended drawings.