Eva Schuster

Creative Language Learning and Visual Artist

Mark Making 2

During Lesson 2 I learned how I don’t really ‘want’ to make different elements. My natural tendency is to want to make the same thing at least twice. Slowly I got more used to it. It’s so unpredictable. But I also noticed that leaving empty space has gotten easier.

Project 1, the differences don’t show as well, as I would have liked to. When you see a little blue line at the bottom of a pictures, it means I used water.
Up until now I almost always use a little bit of water without noticing it, but I didn’t now. It changed a lot. Water does dilute the color and seems to take some of it’s inherent fire out of it.

bristles, heavy paint, no water


bristles, fluid paint, no water


soft brush, fluid paint, no water


soft brush, fluid paint, water


soft brush, heavy paint, water







Then using the different brushes, and as for really fluid paint, I used acrylic ink.
At first I was worried about the feathering of the paint at the edges. I tent to want to ‘clean things up’. Then I realized it’s part of the language.




Project 2
This was interesting, I had to remind myself to make 3 distance masses of paint with different tools, and then add 2 different direct marks. I was afraid of messing this up, if I added a direct mark to my 3 mass-elements. But I found out that it’s not the case. Also leaving things open by leaving white space doesn’t mean life is unresolved and torturous. Things don’t have to be cleaned up or filled in to be satisfying.

Paintings paper, large 25×36
pair 1


pair 2


pair 3


pair 4


pair 5


some more on smaller paper








I think I would like to experiment more with lesser solidity, more feathered like in project 1.

I don’t know how important it is, but I really love doing these, it feels like I’m just scratching the surface of the possible. There seems to be a cave inside with lots more of these that only need excavating. – When I was very young my father used to take me to art happenings and very avant-garde art events in Cologne. He passed a few years after that, but doing these painting brought his flavor into the studio, it ┬ámade him present while I was working. That was a pleasant unexpected surprise.