Eva Schuster

Creative Language Learning and Visual Artist

Mark Making 3

This was not easy for me. I had a hard time to connect emotionally to Drip, Drop or Splatter. I couldn’t relate to these marks. At the beginning solitary Drips were the easiest to relate too. At the end of it all the Splatters looked the most interesting to me.
So a journey for sure.
The question for me was: How can we get to know each other, Mr. Drip, Mr. Drop and Lady Splatter.

My liquid paint is acrylic ink.

Most painting are 9×12, or 11×14, the squares are 9×9.

Project 1 Drips:
I tried many Drips and varied them in the sheet as I went along.

1 Drips, the little short one is just a tip of the pipette with a rest of ink and water, interesting

2 Drips with water

Drips on works in process
I don’t have many examples anymore for just adding Drips to works in process, because I ended up using them with one or two of the other elements.

3 Drip, uncommon interesting, wondering where Drip 2 on the right will go

4Drip, 4 elements, lots of air

5 Drip nice and simple in dialog with 2 masses, only 3 elements and lots of breathing space

6 Drip yellow on yellow and then green, the blue Drip is so strong and loses its intensity on the green, then yellow to the right takes over.

Project 2 Drops:
Drops seemed the most boring to me. I realized later that Drops can work will with Drips or Splatters, plus is also makes a difference where the Drop appears. It seems to be a Drop is happy with other elements, in competition so to say. One solitary Drop doesn’t seem to have much of a voice, it’s not saying much. It does better in conversation with other elements.


7 so definite, Drop from up high and low

Drops  on works in process


Project 3 Splatter:
Splatters seems very stiff and not very versatile at first. Then I built a new splatter tool, a plastic straw frayed with a sharp knife into a helpless mini broom. Now flinging the Splatters became more interesting. Also with Splatters it’s best not to stand too close to the painting. The Splatters get too fat and can lose their fragile nature.

9 first ones that were interesting to me

10 first ones that were interesting to me

11 Splatter with different ways to fling the ink around



Splatters on works in process often in combination with drops
I realized I have to take more risk, risk of failure and really fling the splatters. It became fun and interesting. There is a real disconnect between intension and emotional response, until later another emotional response emerges. What a trip!

14 this became a favorite, Drop and Splatter, great flinging action




18 also here combo of Drop and Splatter, and a discontinued Drip

Project 4 Drips, Drops and Splatters on works in process
These happened along the way, and I like the busy dialog that’s going on. Also there are various conversations going on, some are loud, some more quiet.




22 This one is bigger 30×24



Project Extra
I discovered a new mark making tool in the coffee shop.
The marks are raw and primitive.

I heard this week that the first cherry blossoms are out in southern Japan, so they are called Cherry Blossom Season Starting in Japan. The pink is strong but fleeting at the same time.