Eva Schuster

Creative Language Learning and Visual Artist

Mark Making 4

Project 1
Trying to work with house paint.
As I watched how the paint behaved on the paper, I realized that some colors flow better than others.
For example the red I bought always wanted to form drops, the blue, green, yellow and white on the other hand allowed for more line work. Below I mixed green+wht.



Here I experimented with fat vs. thin lines. The red is very droppy. I got my wetting agent, but it didn’t help the red. (Maybe I got some old can for red from the store?)



Eventually I gained more control, now I hold the can in one hand, lift and let flow, lift and let flow back into the can, until I feel I have the right hand movement to let the arm and hand move across the paper while maintaining my hand tilting drip movement. So the trick is to coordinate a wide reaching arm movement with a slow turning of the wrist to let the paint flow down.
Here the red does the drops, red mixed with the better flowing white with wetting agent and the blue make the lines. Getting very interested in the conversation between drops and lines.

Over time I feel comfortable and most comfortable with lots for empty space.


This was first a just a floor cover upon which I made some of the other painting, but then I really liked it, added a bit of paint here and there, and used the drip technique for lesson 3.



Adding house paint to works in process
Adding a scribble here, I like the way the yellow scribble impacts the iron violet and the ocker in such different ways.

The fling in the left half was a big risk. But I like it works as it moves from hardly visible to very visible. There is a dark blue scribble, pink and yellow bit of house paint as well.  In contrast to the direct marks, the house paint lines some more painterly, rounded, continuous, versus the direct marks. They have a more edgy quality.
#11 fond of this one
Here I wanted to make something where it’s very easy to distinguish between, mass, house paint, and direct marks. Again the house paint seems more lyrical, or if a scribble nervous. Maybe one seems more like a feeling vs a thought.
Here some smaller painting which already had a lot going on. They seem too full to me now.




I had these small canvases and I just wanted to experiment. I used some controlled flowing and some out of control flinging, the pink lines.


Here I did some flowing and dropping, then rubbed the canvases surfaces against each other. Found out that house paint does excellent smears. Then I added some flings and lines. Not sure what to think if it, but like the contrast between smears and lines/drops.



Another batch of works in process, masses (lesson 2), direct marks (lesson 1), house paint (lesson 4),

Decided I really needed more room, so I made some new mass paintings, here with direct marks and then house paint.


I’m starting to understand better how things can work. The direct marks have so much more control, so let them have it, and the house paint to more poetic, so let it flow.

#24 very fond of this one.


Project 2
House paint, and direct mark making tools
Actually this first one is only house paint. I like it so much that I don’t want to add anything to it.

Now that I discover that I like space so much, (re-discover would be more true) it feels risky to add marks. 

Feeling like I’m gaining confidence with space vs mark vs line, density vs emptiness, encirclement vs open space.



Be bold. House paint was first, then marks.

House paint first.


My favs. The little treasures that happen in the side. I started with the house paint, and used these small piece to cover up areas in bigger pieces. In #33 and #36 there is house paint on the right. These appeared because I wasn’t painting these I has painting something else, and these marks where left by happenstance. That’s what I started with on these. By now it was late at night too. It always helps to work for a long time and then find the treasures that come unintended but intended at the same time.





Extreme study of empty space and with a bit of house paint.
After a long day of work, this is so relaxing.