Dubai city isn’t known for its affordable rents, as it is considered to be among the most expensive and luxurious cities in the world. It has made a legacy for itself as one of the most expensive places in the world. Places like Emaar beachfront apartments or Jumeirah islands are some names worth mentioning. Dubai is known for its luxurious tourist attractions and lavish lifestyle but things can go over the budget while enjoying such liberty right? It is not necessary that you only go towards the money soaking places, there are some places that are really affordable and can come under your budget.

Some affordable places to visit near Dubai


Bur Dubai is one of those places where you can find accommodation under budget. If you are looking for somewhere not really expensive in Dubai- which is a bit hard, Bur Dubai is one of those places that can really help you stick to your budget.

The rent is ranging from AED 550 to AED 3000 monthly for a room. If you are looking for a studio apartment then you can get a furnished studio apartment for AED 42,000 up to AED 97,000 annually, while an unfurnished apartment can be a little cheaper.


You can get a furnished studio apartment here at the price of a single rented room. It is situated quite away from the Dubai metro lines, rent is comparatively low here from the ones situated in the heart of the city. The monthly rental price for a studio can vary from AED 3000 to  AED 4500, depending on the nature of the furniture and the number of rooms. The ones who are looking for a room can have a room just for AED 500 to AED 2100.


Another place where you can easily find accommodation under your budget is Deira. A room would be priced from AED 450 to AED 3500 based on the furniture, washroom, and kitchen. However, a studio apartment would cost AED 3500 monthly, this price can vary depending on the view and furniture.


Karama and Deira are situated alongside. The rentals of Karama and Deira are almost the same. There are endless options of restaurants in Karama and Deira, which makes them more of a priority among the others. A room can be found in a price range of AED 600 to AED 4200 while monthly rent for a studio apartment could be AED 3700.


If you are looking to live around someplace where businesses thrive, then look no further. Dubai silicon oasis is situated in the technological hub of Dubai. It has endless commercial spaces for rent and adds to that cheap apartment within the community. It is 10 minutes away from the international city and 20 minutes away from the Dubai Mall. If you are looking to start a business in Dubai then you must opt for Dubai silicon oasis.

A studio apartment can cost AED 23,000 per year.


It was previously known as the international media production city. It was made to help media companies thrive. It offers both commercial and residential units with cheap rents. It is located at the edge of the city, away from the rush hours of Dubai, and still close enough to the city.

It is situated 10 minutes away from Jumeirah village circle and 20 minutes away from Dubai silicon oasis.

A studio apartment can cost AED 18,000 per year. This cost can vary a little, depending on the view offered and the presence of furniture.


Al Barsha South is known for its themed flower displays. The Al Barsha South can also be cheap and affordable accommodation for you if you are looking for somewhere with a pleasant environment, yet at an affordable price.

A studio apartment can cost AED 5,900 to AED 7,600 and if you are looking for a room then you can seal the deal for  AED 800 to AED 4500.

Dubai is well known for its luxury and expense. It is hard to visit Dubai and keep yourself under the budget. Expensive places like emirates hills and Madinat Jumeirah living prices can cost you a lot, but these places are definitely worth the hype.  That said, for the time being, you can enjoy affordable accommodation in Dubai as well.